Problem at run of assignment no 3

Hi everyone,
i am facing a problem when i try to run the Performer Process of the asignment no 2 (System1_CreateYearlyReport), at the moment of my process run the for each Activity; run the first time very well (January), but from the second time onwards (February, March, April…) the process wait too much time and this error appear.

The error:

The process:

The most distant month until which I have been able to run the process has been April.

If you need more information about my process just tell me, thank you so much. :disappointed_relieved:


First of all, You should have the Type into activity for “Vendor Tax ID” out side the for loop as you will enter the vendor TaxID only once per vendor.

Check if the selector for the type into activity for vendor tax id is as below.

Regarding taking too much time to throw this error or select month in month dropdown, check “Wait for Ready” property of the click activity for the month dropdown. Make sure it is none and also make sure the “SimulateClick” property is checked.

Hope this fix your issue.

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You have developed fantastic project. Just use wait for ready to complete instead of interactive.

It Works!! thank you so much!! :heart:

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