Level 3 assignment 2 performer-selector question

Hi, i try to build the the System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml in the process workflow. The problem is the right selector regarding the click activity Target year. The expression in the walktrough doesen’t work. It seems “+in_Year+” is the problem, But why ? Can anyone check my screenshot.
Thanks for help.

@manni1271 use click activity to get drop down items and then use this activity. That will work.

Hello Mani,
Try using Select Item activity with input as “in_Year” and the selector as following

ok i try with the click activity and the following selector. But have no success. How can i bypass the – in the dropdown menue. The same problem for month.
I tried with select item, but the same result. It could not reach the real year.
What can i do ?

@manni1271 check below workflow

selectMonthAndYear.xaml (16.9 KB)

Use a Click activity and have the selector as -


Make sure when you are using dynamic selectors do not open the Selector window, direct write the selector in the textbox give just after the Selector

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Hi, ok this workflow works fine. What is the best way to use this for the other years ? At the moment “2017” is fixed in the selector. If i understand it correclty, i have to download the reports for all years and months.
Can i do this trough a loop ?

@Manjuts90 In assignment u have to only for 2017. If u want to do for other years also. change aaname part of selector like below and use that in a loop

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