Level 3 assignment 2 performer-selector question


Hi, i try to build the the System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml in the process workflow. The problem is the right selector regarding the click activity Target year. The expression in the walktrough doesen’t work. It seems “+in_Year+” is the problem, But why ? Can anyone check my screenshot.
Thanks for help.


@manni1271 use click activity to get drop down items and then use this activity. That will work.


Hello Mani,
Try using Select Item activity with input as “in_Year” and the selector as following


ok i try with the click activity and the following selector. But have no success. How can i bypass the – in the dropdown menue. The same problem for month.
I tried with select item, but the same result. It could not reach the real year.
What can i do ?


@manni1271 check below workflow

selectMonthAndYear.xaml (16.9 KB)


Use a Click activity and have the selector as -


Make sure when you are using dynamic selectors do not open the Selector window, direct write the selector in the textbox give just after the Selector


Hi, ok this workflow works fine. What is the best way to use this for the other years ? At the moment “2017” is fixed in the selector. If i understand it correclty, i have to download the reports for all years and months.
Can i do this trough a loop ?


@Manjuts90 In assignment u have to only for 2017. If u want to do for other years also. change aaname part of selector like below and use that in a loop