I am unable to select month in assignment 2

i am unable to select month in assignment 2. In createyearlyreport.xaml


Maybe you should check whether the selector is valid or not - use Ui Explorer and try to make it more accurate. You can also change the type of the click (Simulate or Send windows messages click, or none of them). You can learn a lot about clicks in UiPath Academy, maybe that can help in the future.


I am facing a big problem to complete the Level 3 Assignment 2 training. I got a lot of error messages.

  1. I would like to select the month in the download reports tab by sending a dynamic value
    Ex:- aaname=β€˜β€œ+item+”’ but, when i give in the selectors it converts show the below diagram.

I tried to run the application it gives the error shown below.


  1. After entering the tax id, month and year and click the download button.

it is not asking me the to save the file, it’s just opening the data in the same window.

  1. Manually I try to upload the report to check the status of the report (Yearly-Report-2017-Taxid.xlsx).

It gives me an error

Could you please help me out to solve all these issues.

J S Chaitanya

For the points -

  1. When you are using dynamic selectors do not open elector editor just paste your selector directly into the textbox given for target like this -

  1. Reset you test data in ACME test application that problem would be resolved

  2. Once above two problems get resolved 3rd one will start working automatically


its better to use Select item activity nstad of other to select YEAR and MONTH
<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' />
<webctrl id='reportMonth' tag='SELECT' />

I am having such an annoying issue with this project. My loop works fine and goes to the next month with ease. However it will not change months after sucessfully downloading and saving a file.

Ex. it starts at january, if the jan file does not exist it will switch to feb and preform the process, however if february exists the file will download and save properly but then the bot freezes and march will never be pressed.

Some one please help.

i got the same problem with jrusoff2010