Modify Text

hi, i’m trying to use for each file in folder → modify (by finding and replacing) contents of the text file, not filename of the text file…

just to check, does “modify text” activity allow amendment of content or merely change in filename???


Modify text changes the content of the file been passed
It has different method to do this where

  • Find and replace - Adds a Find and replace text activity inside Modify Text.

Within that we got two approaches

  • Search for / Replace with - Enter the text to search for and the text to replace it with. In StudioX, the same options are available as for Text to modify .
  • Match case - Select this option if you want to only find and replace words that match the capitalization of the text to search for.

We can test the modification we are trying to perform with TEST option

Cheers @Jarvius


If you want to modify content of txt file, need to use ReadText/WriteText actiivty as the following, for example.

Hope this helps you.


thanks for the fast response Palaniyappan, Yoichi’s answer is closer to what i’m looking; i do appreciate your kind help

thanks, no wonder i couldn’t get it to work, i merely use modify text→ find and replace but i couldn’t do it without the read + write text activity…

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