StudioX ModifyText activity not available

I would like to be able to parse some text in StudioX 2022.10.1, and I see that the ModifyText activity should be able to do this, but I don’t see it in my activities list. From what I’ve read so far online it seems like it should. Can someone please verify if this activity is available, and if it needs to be installed, how to do so? I had a look around the packages but saw nothing obvious.

Hi @adam.m2

You can modify the text with expressions too

Share us the sample input and expected output


Hello @adam.m2

Modify date activity comes as part of the UiPath.System.Activities.

As per my understanding, it supports Studio and not studiox.



I confirmed ModifyText activity doesn’t appear at activities panel when uses UiPath.System.Activities package 22.10.1, although it appears in 22.4.5.



So, one of workarounds is to donwgrade System.Activites.Package to 22.4.5 temporary, next put it to workflow then upgrade it to 22.10.1, because fortunately it seems to be available in 22.10.1 if it exists on workflow.


I’m not sure I can give the actual data being parsed but it would look similar to this:

Program Name: UIPath Studio
Program version: 22.10
PC to install on: PCNAME,PCTAG

I am trying to extract the PC name from the text blob, which could be formatted a few different ways. Can regex be used in expressions? Is there some documentation you could point me towards for reference? Thank you!

This worked, thank you! I hope this is just a bug in the 22.10.1 version and will be fixed, I would hate to see this activity be removed

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this is already fixed in the outcoming update

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