Modify Powerpoint PIcture Link

So i have this powerpoint file with holders to manage the proccess of updating pictures. however i’m unable to find a way to modify/update the hyperlink associated with the picture. and or , find a way to attach a link to the picture after creation.

i hope there is a solution for this or workaround.

Hello @Ayman_Khallaf ,

This activity Add Image or Video to Slide might help you.

Besides the fact that it can add a new image, the activity has the functionality to replace an existing image

Hope it helps!

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Thank you for yoru feedback, the referenced activity does not allow you to modify the existing link on the holder nor add link to the imported/inserted picture

Hello @Ayman_Khallaf .

The Add Image or Video to Slide allows you to replace an existing image with a new one.
The link/address of the new image should be written within the “Image/Video file” textbox.

Hope it clarifies the issue!

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thank you for your feedback, that still would not solve my problem because i’m looping through the slides and with each loop the link change , (Dynamic Link).