How to copy images to powerpoint slides?



Hi, there,

I’m practicing how to capture images from a website and save them to my hard drive. So far, so good. But how can I paste those images to a certain place on the power point slide using UiPath Studio?

thank you.


Hello @Alex_ACG ,

Once you have downloaded the image you can click it once to select it and then use ‘send hotkeys’ activity to use Ctrl+c, then shift to the powerpoint slide and then use ‘send hotkeys’ activity to use Ctrl+v!


Hello @Rishabh_Lakhera

I’m new at this and haven’t done anything with send hotkeys yet.
But I investigate and prove what you tell me.
I also see that you can use some Powerpoint activity (.nupkg). But I can’t find any that contain copying and pasting images.

Thank you very much


Not quite the exact thing, but as you’re new to this it would be a good option to start if off with word! :slight_smile:

Check this out , this may give you an idea on how to proceed! I’d suggest first trying it out in word!



I’ve already done tests sending hotkeys but it doesn’t work.

What I need is to capture several specific areas of a website and paste them into PowerPoint. And the goal is to copy and paste one by one.

Thank you for the example you sent me but I got an error loading the Xaml


HI @Alex_ACG,

Here I have attached the sample that to generate the pie chart and it will store as image . After that it inserts the image in the existing PowerPoint slide.

File : (27.6 KB)

Out Put:

Reference Packages


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Thank you very much balupad14,

The site where I copy the images is a corporate website. It’s really the main problem.
Anyway, I was able to capture those images, leave them in C and then with c# code scroll through them all and paste them into the PowerPoint file.
Looks like that’s how it works.