Powerpoint: "Add image/video to the slide" activity throwing error when trying to add picture to a placeholder in a slide


I need to add a screenshot to a picture placeholder in a slide in PPT. When I am trying to do the same using “Add image/video to the slide” activity, it is throwing an error. Please find below screenshots for the same



Interestingly, the placeholder in PPT is updated with the image but I am seeing above error message.

Another point is, placeholder name in PPT file is changing after inserting a picture. In the above screenshot I am using “Picture placeholder 11”. After the picture is placed in placeholder, the name is changing to “Picture placeholder 5” in PPT file. Please find below screenshots before adding picture and after adding picture



So, Can someone help me here on how to achieve the desired output.

Hello Atchyuth,
In this video, I have multiple use cases of UiPath working with POWERPOINT via VB.NET:

1:10​ Install NuGet Package for automation
4:00​ Use-Case 1 Add a new slide and add a picture
8:20​ Add Chart
10:35​ Add a text with shadow
12:30​ Perform a slideshow
15:00​ Delete slide and Export to PDF
17:30​ Working with comments (Add, Read, Delete)
19:50​ Create a complex PowerPoint from 0


Cristian Negulescu