Modern Experience, Use Browser does not work


Your modern experience is broken.
Why, oh why do you still change things that are not broken and do work fine? Don’t you understand that this in combination with your ever-changing license model just pisses off users and most importantly, customers? I know of several cases where the potential buyer chose one of your competitors instead due to your ever-changing environment. They simply can’t trust you and get increasingly annoyed with not knowing what your licenses mean and how much they will cost in 6 months’ time; and so do we, the consultants who ultimately make sure that you can sell your product.

Use Browser does not work with Edge.
I have followed and checked every step in your troubleshooting guide:

It gives the error message “Application not supported indicate a chrome browser window”

Yes, edge extension is installed and re-installed several times…
Yes, UiPath is closed and opened several times…
Yes, I have tried several projects.
Yes, the computer has been restarted.
In one project, I can’t choose to view the classic activities since that choice is gone in your activity filter.

The best thing about all of this is that in every other project, the “classic” activities open browser and attach browser works absolutely fine.


I have sent you a request to connect directly. I want to collect your feedback on the mentioned areas.

By then, it seems you are using a CrossPlatform project? Example:

The reason you’re getting the “Application not supported indicate a Chrome browser window” message, for cross-platform project, we only support Chrome.

Let me know the details. Thanks.