"Navigate Browser" not working

The new activity “Navigate Browser” is not working.
Throws an error “The current activity must be used within a Use Application/Browser activity that automates a browser”
even though It is inside the scope
Does someone know how to fix it?

For which browser you are trying ? IE or Google Chrome ? Please advise…
IE you don’t need extension but you need for Google Chrome.

I use it for Google Chrome and has enabled extension “UiPath Web Automation”
There is a new extension?
Previously, everything was fine, just after updates have this errors with other browser activities too

ok then please remove your current google chrome extension and re add from upgraded studio. It will work.

It doesn’t help, unfortunately

@Khrystyna_Sarakhman might be a silly question: is the application card configured, meaning that, have you indicated the browser from the User Application/Browser activity? And if so, have you got an error message saying the extension is not installed or not functional? Thanks

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@Khrystyna_Sarakhman can we have the workflow please or attach a screenshot with it here?

I definetely understand where my mistake was
I used selector written manually but didn’t indicate browser
Thank you for message and sorry for bothering

@Khrystyna_Sarakhman thank you for the feedback. This is a bug that we will fix it in 21.6-preview.