Modern Design - UI Activities Wait for Ready

When we use UiElement variables for Modern design activities, unable to set the “Wait for Ready” property.

It only works if we go with selector. But it should also be enabled for variable option.

Kindly do the needful.


@loginerror FYI

Hi @Nithinkrishna

Could you please provide a bit more context (maybe a sample, dummy project that reproduces your issue)?

Is the Wait for page load ignored when you use the Input Element variable as input for the target of the activity?

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Hi @loginerror

Good day.

You are right, the wait for page load is not working when we pass target element as variable in modern design.

Below are few snapshots which explains,

The below sequence has classic Type Into activity which is not having any error with UiElem variable as target & Wait for Ready property applied. But not in the case of Modern activities

Classic Type Into Properties

Modern Type Into Properties

Hope this is sufficient, If anything required please let me know.

Thank you


Wait for Ready was changed to Wait for page load in all the modern experience

So it is appearing above if you see that

For reference you can check the release notes from the below URL

Hope this will help you


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Hey @Srini84

Thank you for the details.

Yes, it is appearing. But the actual issue is we can’t use it we are using a variable as target element instead of selector.



Just throwing a small guess, not sure about this

As the target is not from any of the FuzzySelector, Selector OR Image then the activity can start by finding the element directly

So we can make Target as null and check

Hope this may help


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Yep, that’s d issue.

When we make target as null, we can’t use the Wait for Page Load


You will have to choose a targeting method or leave Target (null)

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Hi @Gabriel_Tatu

I’m using the input element property as target.

With that being used, I’m unable to set Wait for PageLoad


i understand, but if you expand Target, then you`ll need to manually add the required properties, this is how it works for now.

@Nithinkrishna , you can either use a TargetAnchorable input (not null) and you have to set a target method, or use an InputElement obj. WaifForPageLoad is a property of TargetAnchorable, so it cannot be used in conjunction with the InputElement, as of now.
But, I got your point and I’ll log an improvement for the future releases.


Thank you @gheorghestan @Gabriel_Tatu

Will be a great addition to future release.

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