Click activity taking too long time

I am automating a process in Chrome.
I switched the process that was previously performed in IE to Chrome, and a problem occurred.

Specifically, if click the “Save” button on the web, a pop-up window appears.
the click is performed normally, but an unspecified delay occurs after the click.

When I checked in DEBUG, after performing the “Save” button click successfully, it did not go to another activity and stayed at the “Save” button click part over 10 seconds.

DelayAfter property is not specified.

Hi @jhoon
What is the input method you are using in click activity?

ClickType = Single
WaitForReady = NONE
SimulateClick = TRUE
AlterIfDisabled = TRUE

Try changing the wait for ready property to interactive or complete.

Hello @jhoon

Hope you have given the click inside a container( Application scope). Also, the configuration that you have provided is correct.

Can you share the screenshot of the property panel of this click activity?


Hello @jhoon, Welcome to the uipath community.
Check the properties of DELAY AFTER where it should be null, and set the timeout as 3000.

If the next process will load or buffer it may take some time to load the page correctly.

It’s in Excel Application Scope and Attach Browser
And unfortunately, I can’t capture it due to security policy.

thanks for all replies,
I solved it by disabling the SimulateClick option.


FYI, this might be caused by event matter. The following post might help you.


It seems a very good solution
Thank you

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