Modern & Classic Excel Activities Read Range Error " The Range Does Not Exist "

Modern & Classic Excel Activities Read Range error fix for " The Range Does Not Exist" .

Root Cause: Typically this error occurs when the range is not valid, or when the sheet that is being read is protected.


  1. Confirm the range is valid and it does indeed exist.
  2. Try using an Empty String with no Range Specified to Read the entire sheet.
  3. Try reading a small range in the sheet to see if the error still occurs.
  4. Make sure the sheet that is attempted being read, is not protected. If the sheet is protected/locked, unlock the sheet to resolve the error.

To Unprotect a sheet in Excel, navigate to the Review tab and then select Unprotect Sheet.

Alternatively, right click on the sheet and select Unprotect Sheet from here.


After following the steps above, if the error is still occurring, share the following with UiPath Support:

  1. Robot Execution Logs - The Robot logs are located here: %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs
  2. Event Viewer Logs - How to get Application Logs from the Event Viewer
  3. An example file that the error occurs on
  4. The zipped project files for the same version of the project where the error occurred. (Xaml, project.json, etc). Let the Support team know which workflow specifically has the problematic activities.