Modern activity: Table Extraction not capturing details on second page


Attached file is the activity Im using for table extraction.
It can successfully capture the first page but it doesnt capture the next page


This is the page looks like

Hope you have enabled this to extract from multiple pages

Check this document on how to do it


That setting is not available on my end. Also I follow the instruction on that site still the same. I manage to capture until second page but no until the end.


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Hi @joscares

There is a next button option available after the columns. Check that.
Click that and indicate the “>” option then it will extract the page one by one until last page.

Hope it helps.

Hi @joscares

Can you try with this approch to expract the second page data


You will see that after you indicate the button, it will pop in your Extract data part like this:

If you click that and hit the gear button:

The selector editor will pop up and you can adjust the next button selector.

Check this blog
It’s very informative

Cheers @joscares

I can’t see the message you attached

This is not efficient approach so this is not what im looking for

this is the properties of activity

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Try to perform again so that u can see this in the table extraction wizard itself


Cheers @joscares

Hi @joscares ,

After selecting the data which you want to extract, you need to turn on the “Extract data from multiple pages” and then you need to indicate "

" to navigate to next page.

I will extract the data from all pages.