Mobile Automation in UIPath Studio Community Edition (Free version)

Hi, I am new on UIPath and currently using free version of UI path(Community edition), I want to know if it is possible to do mobile automation on this. If yes, what are the pre-requisites and if not, which edition should I use for mobile automation and what will be the cost for its licence.

Hello @Anurag_Tomar ,

Check this out:


Hi @chaitanya.kulkarni
Thank you for quick reply, I have tried to install the package UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities but getting below conflict :


We have detected dependency conflicts. Expand details for more information on each conflict. Choose YES to apply all recommendations or NO to go back.

Package Dependency Conflict #1: UiPath
Type of conflict: Cousin Dependency Conflict
Details: Packages UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities, UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities depend on different versions of UiPath, and cannot be installed in this configuration.
Recommendation: Choose YES to resolve to the higher version of UiPath.

I am using version “2020.10.6”, will you please guide me about this error. Attaching the screenshot for the same.

  • Click Yes to apply all recommendations!
  • If you detect that UiAutomation or MobileAutomations have problems later, then you have to check if you find a newer UiAutomation package that has the same version of UiPath, or compatible.

Thank You Cristian, It worked and package is installed. But still setup has some issues and I am not able find the Mobile Automation Item/dropdown in the ribbon/taskbar which contains Mobile Device Manager and Import Recorded Actions options. Also I am not able to find any Template regarding Mobile Automation in Template List as shown in Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Studio (20.4 Community Preview Release) , attaching screenshots for your reference.


I already develop a program for auto wash company. All the process managed by robots. It is trigered just a click.

I see that you’re using StudioX. Can you try all the setup in Studio?

Edit: I’ve tested with both Studio and StudioX 2020.10.6 Community License and they both work in the sense that the activities are installing fine. Yes in StudioX the button doesn’t appear and also there isn’t a special section for the mobile activities but if you search for them you can find them and use them (Mobile Device Connection, Tap).

Anyway, just switch to Studio profile and everything should work as expected. To change the profile go to Settings -> License and Profile -> View or Change Profile and change the profile to Studio.

Thanks Cristian, steps you mentioned worked, now I am able to view Mobile Automation package in UI Path Studio. But still not able to find Mobile Device Manager in ribbon/taskbar, I tried to look for package for the same but couldn’t find any. Please let me know if there is particular dependencies or add-ons I need to make to the studio. I have seen few tutorials, they are using Appium for Mobile Device Connection, do I also need to install it or UIpath Studio is capable of doing everything(Mobile Device connections) individually? Also if there is any setup guide/tutorials for same, please let me know I will follow them.

Attaching screenshot for your reference.

It seems you reused the StudioX project? If this is true, can you create a new project?