Mobile Automation Query1

1).I am not able to connect device Andriod version 10 please have on this.
2) Also not able to do Mobile Web automation

Download Latest Sdk Manager version (3.6.0) , Appium Version (1.17.0)

hello @Mohini_Sarode,

Please provide SDK manager download and how to install and configure mobile to uipath

Pre Required As : JAVA 12.0.2 version (Set JAVA_Home Environment )
Download SDK manager : 3.6.0 version (Set Environment )
Download Appium : 1.17.0 version
Sdk manager Download From @step by step mobile device connection given link tool command only
Extract and Rename by Android_Sdk than open cmd change directory
sdk manager " platform tools “” platform; android .28 --sdk_root =till android path _____
Sdk manager "build-tools; 28.0.2 "–sdk root - till android path----

Copy “aapt” and zipalign file from build tools and paste in tools folder …
search adb devices on cmd after connecting mobile to laptop through datacable
and do connection …

use below command line,
sdkmanager *“platform-tools” “platforms;android-28” --sdk_root=E:\AndriodSDK

We should install the Android Studio, you don’t have the option to install Android SKD without Android Studio (which was supported earlier but now it’s not allowed) → Once you launch the Studio you can see the AVD options and SDK Manager, then set the ANDROID_HOME path and JAVA_HOME paths, then you have to configure the Android Virtual Device (emulator) with desired API version then click the play button to launch the device, by default the device id is “emulator-5554”), else you can connect the real device by enabling the Debug option. you can goggle it to get the detailed steps to setup