MobileAutomation APPIUM

I’m trying the new tool for Mobile Automation, and in the first step i need to connect a Virtual device, so, need of APPIUM.
Now, i don’t have any idea of what appium is, and i couldn’t find something related with uipath or RPA.
in the mobile creation, it asks for a host in appium or something related, and i’m sure i’m doing something wrong
has anyobdy idea of what is appium and how to work with it? in addition, how to use in RPA/Uipath.


Hi @Ignacio_Smail,
I totally understand that our instruction is not covering fully the process of configuration for mobile automation. I informed proper team about it. Hopefully soon it will be corrected :slight_smile:

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My Connection Is all Done But Not Getting Idea Or Task To Automate on Mobile Device . Done With Read OTP Message From Notification Please Provide Some Idea What to automate .

Scenario: most of corporate citrix vpn/web application will be having RSA key phrases which will reset every minute, challenge is to read the text and enter into web app within a minute, if rsa token is about to expiry have to wait till it loads new key and send to webapp


Hello @Mohini_Sarode

Please explain how your Connections are done.Same thing we are facing that Android SDK issue.Please help us

Download Pre Required As : JAVA 12.0.2 version (Set JAVA_Home Environment )
Download SDK manager : 3.6.0 version (Set Environment )
Download Appium : 1.17.0 version
Sdk manager Download From @step by step mobile device connection given link tool command only
Extract and Rename by Android_Sdk than open cmd change directory
sdk manager " platform tools “” platform; android .28 --sdk_root =till android path _____
Sdk manager "build-tools; 28.0.2 "–sdk root - till android path----

Copy “aapt” and zipalign file from build tools and paste in tools folder …
search adb devices on cmd after connecting mobile to laptop through datacable
and do connection …