Mobile App - Where you can Just see the .Xaml as it is seen in Uipath

A mobile App where you can see .xaml file as it is displayed in uipath.

As Many times , Members directly post .xaml files in community and if we want to just see the .xaml , we need to have Uipath.

Mobile app which can recognise .xaml and display it as it is shown in Uipath.

Hi @mukeshkala

Is this a suggestion for the Forum or our Mobile Orchestrator? :smiley:


As per my knowledge. @mukeshkala want display .xaml file display in forum like displayed in studio.
Just like when we upload image on forum image is displayed .
Am I right? @mukeshkala

I ask a Question and someone responds me with an .xaml file.

I want to see that .xaml file in my mobile , the same way it is visible in studio. As of now there is no way i can see .xaml in mobile.

UIpath Mobile App >> Browse .Xaml >> See the .xaml as seen in Studio . … (Just View :slight_smile: )

Somewhat :slight_smile:

My concern is I want to open .xaml file in my mobile and to be seen as it is displayed in studio.