How to open xaml file in uipath studio from local drive

i have uipath file in drive, i am trying to open the xaml file by right clicking an open with. It is showing in notepad, and there is no option to open it in uipath studio.


If you want to open xaml file then UiPath should be installed in that machine.

It is installed. Please see the xaml file is showing as notepad. and UI path icon is showing below

I think you have to specify the path to the UiPath Studio executable file in the xaml-file properties.
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HI browse the file using uipath . goto start > Open > browse the xaml file. Its easy

Hello! I am not able to open the .xaml file saved in the local drive. I tried the following steps:

  1. After downloading the .xaml file from Git, RClick on the file -> Open with -> uipath studio
  2. Open Uipath studio-> Click Open -> Select the file from the path

On either ways, I get the attached screen openingExistingfile

Can someone please help?

Hi @PavithraSundaram

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This is because you are launching your XAML file from a folder that is literally called UiPath. This, according to the error message, will not work. Please move your XAML file to a different folder and it should work :slight_smile: