Want to invoke .xaml file from differnt robots

Want to invoke same .xaml file from different robots?
Is it compulsory to copy the file in each project ?
Or is there common location which can be used ?


Not compulsory, the file can in a common location.


you can utilize code usability.

  1. You can invoke file from anywhere but it should be available.
  2. You can copy and paste same xaml to any project.


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ok thanks but when we deploy different projects to orchestrator then every project will be having it own copy… right?

@Shashii, when you deploy a project , the main file will be called first and then the other xaml files (only if you’ve invoked them in main file ).

ok let me put my question other way… what happens when I deploy my process from uipath studio to orchestrator ? will it copy all the file to orchestrator ?