ML Skills not available in the dropdown list

I was going through the lesson on AI/ML on the UiPath site and gone through the first two steps of the practice which creates the ML skills on UiPath. I’ve also signed up for Enterprise Trial license.

I downloaded the Movie Review and ran it but the ML skills dropdown becomes empty after one run. I have published the robot to the correct tenant with AI Fabric enabled.

What am I missing here? Appreciate any help. Thanks!


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Check below post for your reference

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ML skills have inactivity period after which they need to be deployed again.

Check the inactivity period and increase the duration, you can find it in the AI Center → ML skills → Details of any ML skill

Thanks both for the reply. I’ve only setup AI Centre 1-2 days ago so ML skills is definitely active.

And for the earlier thread by nick.p, I’ve read it many times and tried to make sense of it but I couldn’t apply it to my situation.

p/s I have not deploy any process to orchestrator yet, not sure if that is the cause