Machine Learning - AiFabric.MLSkillUrl should not be empty in orchestrator web settings


I am having trouble deploying ML skills from AI center to UI Path Studio.


  1. I created a Purchase Order Machine Learning extractor
  2. I created a test pipeline and an evaluation pipeline
  3. I then created the “ML Skill”


  1. When I open Machine Learning extractor, the skill list is blank
  2. I added a ML skill activity where the skill list is also blank
  3. In the ML skill activity I receive the following error message “AiFabric.MLSkillUrl should not be empty in orchestrator web settings”

Could someone help me better understand why my ML skill list is blank?

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Your ML Skill should be in deployed state which will be shown under the activities option.

Also Kindly make sure not is connected to the orchestrator as well.


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To answer this question need to some environment related details, like are you using cloud orchestrator and AI center, or the setup is in on-premise servers.

also if you want to try quickly you can create an public endpoint for you ML skill and you can use that endpoint directly in the ML related activities like ML extractor.

Hope this will help you.

Hi, I am using cloud orchestrator and AI center.