ML Skill not getting deployed

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while creating ML skill for all “Out of the box packages”. I am successfully able to create a ML package with the existing packages but when I am trying to create ML Skill and deploying it then I am getting the below error

“Unknown error occurred during ML Skill deployment”

Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated.


What model are you trying to deploy? A lot of them need to be retrained first.
Full documentation is available there:


Hi Jerermy,

Thanks for your response on this. I am able to deploy the ML Skill for Invoices and Purchase Orders.

I also able to deploy Eng to French and Eng to German ML Skills. But, in my UiPath Studio while using “ML Extractor” I am able to get only “Invoices” and “PO” skills.

I am wondering why “Eng to German” or “Eng to French” skills are not getting loaded. It would be great, if you can provide any guidelines on this. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @PrafullK

Only Skills that are part of Document Understing framework will be shown on ML Extractor activity, for other Skills you need to use the generic ML Skill activity:

@Jeremy_Tederry Thank you! It really helped and worked.

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