Ml Package and ML Skill not deployed

Hi All,

I have enabled AI Center in orchestrator and created a project. I have created ml package and ml skill, it has not been deployed , it is displaying status as undeployed/failed.



Hello @Robinnavinraj_S

Can you show me a screenshot of the package you created and tried deploying?

please find the error screen shot , iam trying to create custom Ml Package


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I’m guessing the model you are trying to deploy require training before deployment.

I see the package name as “testing”…

Can you tell me which package exactly this is?
This way I can guide you on the exact training requirements (if needed) before deploying :slight_smile:

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando ,

I have selected the ML Package as Document Understanding and assigned this package to the created ML Skill and named it as Test.


Hi, hope you are fine.
Have you solved the problem?


I kinda lost this conversion with many things happening at the time.

I went through the conversation. From what i can recall, he created the generic DU package and tried deploying the skill.

For this one, deploying the skill require training through Document Manager. Once training is done we need to do a training pipeline to train the package and then deploy it as a skill…