ML Package Deploy Failed on ML Skills - Document Understanding

ML Package Deploy Failed on ML Skills - Document Understanding
Having error or Failed for deploy ML package of Document Understanding MLERROR


Can you share the ML logs of failed deployment

And did this thread helped you in your scenario

Cheers @sharup

please that screenshot


Did this help you where The fix is to create the ML Skill using the x.latest version from ML Skill template

I tried all version along latest one also, but same failed to create.
If possible any video or screenshot how to do great help, thanks advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @sharup
Have you trained the ML Package first? If yes then you need to deploy latest minor version for this, it should be 11.X with X being 1 or greater (not 0).
If you don’t have any dataset to retrain the model and just want to test the deployment you should use another model like Invoices for example, this model can be deployed without training.


Yes I tested ML Package (Documentclassifier) which working fine, but for DocumentUnderstanding ML package having error/failed when try to deploy

This is because it is not trained. You need to train it first and then deploy the newly generated ML Package.

Did you resolve the issue if yes how ?
thank you