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I notice there are various data extraction activities available. I understand this product is in preview but can someone clarify if the below understanding is correct ?

  1. Use FC Classifier, Extractor - Need Abby FC License
  2. Use Keyword based classifier and ML extractor - Need uiPath DU license
  3. Use Regex Extractor - Need no license

Enterprise endpoints - The consumption entitlement is displayed as a number of pages. Data sent to these endpoints is NOT stored by UiPath.
is mentioned in About licensing

May I know where my client’s invoice data will be stored ?
I understand that it is stored in the client’s cloud account within UIPath Cloud architecture. How is it saved from access by others ?

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You can use keyword based classifier and ml extractor with the free version, regex extractor to.

Below is from uiPath

All data sent to the ML Extractor endpoints publicly available ( for example), for enterprise accounts, is not stored.

This means the following steps happen:

  • the request to the service contains the document information
  • once it reaches our servers, it is used in-memory only for processing
  • the response to the request is composed and sent back to the requester (the executing robot)
  • all data pertaining to the request is destroyed when the request ends.

The extracted information is not stored anywhere either, it is only sent back to the robot when the request completes.

It is the robot’s responsibility to process it further (present the validation station for human confirmation and correction, grab the extraction results and process them further to add them to a database or an excel sheet etc)

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