Machine learning extractor training community license

Dear All,
I’m an accountant and I’m activly using UiPath for about a year. I’m trying to make my work easier by automation, but I’m a self-lerner, untill I started my journey with UiPath I was a stranger to programming.
Right now I’m trying to make use of Document Understanding feature. Please be so kind and let me know is it possible to train machine learning extractor using community licence and if so how to achive that? Right now my RetrainOutputFolder is empty after project completion and with each following project processing I have to point the right data in Validation Station as if the extractor hasn’t learned anything yet.
If I can’t train the extractor with community edition please let me know is it possible to build unattended automation that would result in processing invoice without my validation - starting from getting invoice from e-mail and ending with inputing it in ERP system. I have build some automations with Regex but I’m afraid I won’t be able to fit Regex expressions for many different invoices.

Your help would be much appreciated :wink: