Missing properties with Studio v2023.10.5

Since updating the Studio to version 2023.10.5, I have been experiencing problems with the System.Activities package in Windows compatible projects. I have already tested the package versions 2023.10.3 and 2023.10.1. It seems that the properties panel is no longer accessible and no adjustments can be made for certain activities. This affects System.Activities.Statements β€œIf”, for example.

I think that is done on purpose. As mentioned in the properties panel, all the fields(properties) you would like to set are already available in the activity itself so just set it there instead of from the properties panel.

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It’s not an issue. As it says, All Properties are visible in design panel. This has been implemented to avoid duplications like on design panel also we use to have condition and in property also it was there.

Now in latest releases of the packages, it have been updated to have any property either on design panel or in panel.

Please specify if you are looking for something which is not available.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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Hi @JenJen

As mentioned in the properties that All properties are visible within the activity card.

Click on + β†’ Open Condition Builder β†’ you will find all the required properties


Hope you understand!!

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