Missing Project Dependencies between Robot and Studio


Robot version is in Virtual Machine (2020.6)
Studio version is in local physical laptop (2020.4)

Whenever, I edit the workflow in the studio version and I tried to open the same (shared) project folder in the virtual machine as read-only, the robot wasn’t able to download the correct packages for the default ones like Click, Comment etc. In this case, what I have to do is to copy the current packages installed in the project.json file and then delete it. Re-open the Main.xml file and then allow the robot studio to generate the project.json file. I paste the correct dependencies again into the new project.json file again and then finally, the robot would be able to read off the workflows and activities.

I am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing and if they have any solutions/preventions for this to happen. Thanks!

Hi @MichaelL

Are you trying to open your process made in Studio 20.4 on a robot machine, but also with Studio 20.6?

What I would suggest is to see the available package feeds on the Robot machine.

Another suggestion, although I’m sure you have already gave it some thought, would be to have the same version on both machines, as typically you want to have the same Studio/Robot combination when developing a process.

Yeah I got the robot version back down to the same version as that of studio’s. Thanks for your prompt response!

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