Missing Packages perhaps?

uipathpackageError.docx (166.2 KB)
I am receiving errors when running on a different version of studio. It seems that there may be some missing activities or missing packages entirely. I’m just not sure what is missing. I’ve uploaded the error log. can you help me identify what is missing?

Hi @jamesernie.carter , when you open the process on different version definitely there will be a issue of missing packages. You can do one thing close Uipath studio completely and open again, then re-import the process. By doing this it will auto install the required packages.

Hi @jamesernie.carter,

This missing activities issue only happens when you try to open project in a studio/activity version lesser than the one it was created on as there would be a chance of some missing activities in the older versions.
And sometimes it happens when project/dependencies couldn’t load properly.

To verify this, also take a look at dependency section of the project, if any of the dependencies are in red color, you need to repair those first to be able to successfully load project.

So to resolve this, you would have to upgrade package to that version and drag/drop activity again.
Also, go to manage packages-> settings and check below settings if these are same for both studio versions you are trying to use.

However, if you are opening project(created in lower version) in a higher version, then you won’t face this issue.