Missing options for uiPath https://platform.uipath.com/


I am trying to make a connection between the Ui Robot desktop app and the web orchestration. But the evrey time when I log in my account I don’t have any option like Robots, process, jobs samd.
Mine looks like this:

What I am doing wrong? Why I don’t have these options?
Thank you


Click on services and add the service there and click on that
you will automatically redirect to the page where you can add the robot and process.

For reference : Go to Resource Center and Click on Introduction and check the Video that would be helpful for you.


Hi Rashmi, I got the same question but the introcuction page is black, no video available…, And, what is the video format? I am sure my firewall was disabled, I tried from both IE and chrome, the same outcome. Any comment here?


Welcome to UiPath forum for starters :slight_smile:

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go on Users Tab and create one, assign the bots as per requirement
  2. click on the new account created and there you will see the options you wish to see

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Thanks Shubham so much, I followed your steps and everything is fine for now. :grin:


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