Missing Hackathon Awards



Some of the winners of the Power up Automation hackathon have now been announced:

According to the official hackathon rules submissions fall into one of six categories:

Custom Activities, Dashboard Components, Automation Frameworks, Application Connectors, Snippets, or Machine Learning Models.

Congratulations to the winners in the categories of Custom Activities, Automation Frameworks, Application Connectors and Snippets.

When will the winners in Dashboard Components category and the Machine Learning Models category be announced?


Here are the submissions in the hackathon categories not yet awarded:

Dashboard Components

Machine Learning Models

Which ones are your favorites?


Hi Terjen,

I think Machine learning models and dashboard components got removed from the prizes (the prizes looked that they have been reassigned as the rules mention they could be.)

Prizes look like updated now

The prize I won was not announced neither, hope I did not steal one of yours :wink:

Someone in charge of the hackaton should be confirming this.


It’s awesome that UiPath added prizes for exceptional hackathon submissions. The extraordinary prize awarded for SyForm UiPath Form Designer was well deserved. Being a newly minted unicorn after their $225M series C they can afford being generous.

But I trust UiPath wouldn’t snub hard working developers by removing categories of prizes after receiving their submissions. The Dashboard and Machine Learning categories continue to be listed in the official hackathon rules, with six prizes for a total of $20,500. Developers have been working hard on their submissions to take a shot at those prizes. It would be unethical of UiPath if they suddenly decided to not award prizes when there are eligible submissions.


Hi @Terjen

We respect all the hard work of all the developers who decided to partake in our PowerUp Automation Hackaton :slight_smile:

It is possible that in some situations the submissions did not pass our security or functionality tests though.


There are 12 submissions in the two hackathon categories where prizes have not yet been awarded. Most of the submissions include open source github repositories, many with substantial work. Clearly there are sufficient submissions for UiPath to award prizes also in the Dashboard and Machine Learning categories.


I am not sure if I understand correctly. Bot categories have a respective winner selected:

Dashboard Components

Machine Learning Models

You list these two among the “submissions in the hackathon categories not yet awarded”, yet these are the winning ones.

Even though I was not part of the jury who awarded the prizes, I am sure that they were thorough in evaluating every submission before making the final verdict. However, open communication is part of our culture and I will double check the situation :slight_smile:



Prizes have not been awarded for neither the Dashboard category nor the Machine Learning category. According to the official hackathon rules there are a total of six prizes to be awarded for submissions in these two categories, for a total of $20,500.

Savvy Insights was awarded a smaller Educational Prize for having “educational merit” and Classie-TicketClassifier got a post-hoc Special Prize and was recognized in 3rd place. Neither got a prize in any of the award categories.



I’m honored that the solution I submitted - ‘Intelligent Ticket Classifier’ won the 3rd grand prize and was also given the special prize for Machine Learning!

Maybe this wasn’t announced properly in devpost?
Might be the same for Savvyy?

Maybe they renamed the prize only?



The PowerUp Automation hackathon Official Rules lists three prizes in the Machine Learning category: $7,500 / $3,000 / $1,000. Neither of these prizes has yet been awarded.

The explanation is not that the prizes were renamed. The Machine Learning Special Prize awarded to Classie-TicketClassifier was a new prize valued at $2,000, which doesn’t match any of the Machine Learning category prizes. The 3rd prize is valued at $5000, making the total awarded for the submission $500 less than the first place award in the Machine Learning category.

None of the eight Machine Learning submissions has yet been awarded a prize in their category.


Hi Terjen,

Just to give you a little bit of context, the overall grand prizes have been decided by an external jury with no implication from UiPath.

For all the other prizes we have award it based on business impact, quality of code and best practices for building reusable components.

We appreciate all the hard work of developers around the world, that’s why we encourage everyone to upload their sollutions on UiPath Go.

The mechanism behind was not just to fill some spots, but trully find and award those components that would bring value to our clients, partners and help RPA developers with their day to day job. This is why we have created more additional prizes, because some components couldn’t be fitted in their category.

I’m here to help if you have any other questions.


It’s admirable that UiPath created additional prizes to recognize outstanding hackathon submissions that didn’t fit within the six categories. :tada::boom:

However, UiPath has still only awarded half of the category prizes. Notably, none of the six prizes in the Machine Learning and Dashboard categories have been awarded. Also 3rd prizes have not been awarded in neither the Automation Frameworks nor the App and Data Connectors categories. That’s $25K in prize money withheld from hard working developers.

UiPath has so far awarded only 4 of the 12 prizes in these four categories - from 39 submissions. When will the remaining 8 category prizes be honored? :thinking:


Hi Terjen,

As you can see on Devpost we have awarded $88.500 in cash out of $91.000.

If you look closely on the website you can see the following main reguirement of the hackathon: " Build open source reusable components using UiPath Studio that automate repetitive tasks in the workplace. You can either build something that fits in the following categories or not: Custom Activities, Dashboard, Automation Frameworks, Application and Data Connectors, Snippets, or Machine Learning models. (Learn more about the categories)."

So if some components did not fit in one of the mentioned categories we’ve offered other special prizes, as part of our commitment to award all the hard work of developers involved in this hackathon.
Also, we have reserved the right to not award a category if we could not find a good component.

Even though we’ve had enough submissions, some componentes were not awarded because it either failed security test, structure review or functionality review.

If you want to discuss about your submission I am more than happy to offer you details,so feel free to reach out to me.

All the best,


Hold on! The Official Rules of the UiPath hackathon explicitly states that submissions have to be “in one of the required categories” and that in case of an inconsistency “the Official Rules shall prevail.” The rules furthermore say UiPath “will grant” prizes in the categories but “reserves the right to not award a Prize for one or more categories if there are not sufficient quality submissions.”

Despite 39 submissions, UiPath only awarded 4 out of 12 prizes in the categories of Machine Learning, Dashboards, Automation Frameworks and App and Data Connectors. :astonished:

we have reserved the right to not award a category if we could not find a good component.

As all of these four categories have missing awards, 35 out of their 39 submissions would have had to be deemed ineligible for category prizes. Yet many of these 35 disregarded submissions have substantial github repositories; several are listed in UiPath’s own Gallery (with thousands of downloads); some have even won non-category prizes including one awarded 3rd place overall. Apparently there are no lack of good submissions. :thinking:

Even though we’ve had enough submissions, some componentes were not awarded because it either failed security test, structure review or functionality review.

The fact that 90% of the submissions in these categories were deemed ineligible indicates substantial problems in the evaluation of the submissions. Only a few lucky submissions passed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

UiPath chose to award extra special prizes recognizing developers with submissions that didn’t fit in any of the required categories of the hackathon, even if they diverge from the official rules. However, it is unfair and deceptive to take the prizes from developers that made submissions in required categories. :angry:

When will UiPath do the right thing and award the remaining eight category prizes?