Win up to 2 Prizes at UiPath HyperHack - 20.10 Product Release!


As we continue to grow and nurture our global UiPath Community, we’re continuously looking for ways to better engage We’re streamlining the way community developers bring automation ideas to life, inviting you to be contributors to the way automations are built. :rocket:

For this HyperHack, we have 4 categories that give you more opportunities to be a champion in UiPath’s growing product suite. You can submit your solution in more than one category, building out a solution based on the associated brief, submit your comprehensive solution, and provide continuous and constructive feedback on all aspects throughout the duration of the hackathon between October 19th - November 20th. Finalists will be chosen on November 29th, and the winners will be announced on December 16th!

1st Category - AI Fabric + Document Understanding + Action Center
In this category, we challenge you to use any combination of AI Fabric, Document Understanding, & Action Center within your project.

2nd Category - Apps + Data Service
We challenge you to use our latest introduction and show how quickly you have got a grip on our technology.

3rd Category - UiPath Assistant + Custom Activities
In this category, we challenge you to build integrations using UiPath SDKs at enterprise standards.

4th Category - ChatBots
This is your opportunity to create automation scenarios using the combination of the DRUID chatbot and UiPath robots and demonstrate how your solution can help reshape how we communicate. This category is primarily for creating chatbots, automating conversational processes, and solving real-world scenarios.

And of course, we have our prizes lined up for each of you to have a chance to win in UiPath HyperHack!

Within Each Category:

  • 1st Place - Vouchers - $2000 :1st_place_medal:
  • 2nd Place - Vouchers - $1000 :2nd_place_medal:

Other Outstanding Prizes:

  • Most Innovative Solution - Vouchers - $1000
  • Participants can win up to $4000 USD total, and each finalist will receive UiPath participation certificate and surprise swag

This hackathon will include:

  • Enablement materials, tutorials and webinar sessions.

  • Access to the latest UiPath release and trial access to any limited UiPath product (e.g. Ai Fabric)

Note You can be a winner in a maximum of 2 categories. Your solution must not be the same solution if participating within multiple categories.

For more information, please register for the hackathon HERE. We look forward to seeing what the community builds out with our ever-growing UiPath Product suite! :smiley:

PS. We have many questions related to DRUID Chatbot so we decided to involve someone who can answer for any technical question related to it :slight_smile:
Please follow HERE to ask the questions.


wow .


Hello, this is really amazing!!!

I have a question, in the rules it’s mentionned that a PDD must be provided, but I don’t think it’s applicable to what I’m planning to submit, is it possible to participate without having a PDD?

Thanks for your answer.




Hi @Masire

I would still suggest you to try and submit one. It could be that your idea doesn’t fit into it and that is fine, but if the judges see that there was a possibility to have one, it might affect the final scores.


An interesting event to mark the end of 2020 !!


Thank you UiPath for this event.


Hello everyone :slight_smile:
There are some questions related to DRUID Chatbot. To help for those who are interested we created separate space where you can ask for technical questions. The link to mentioned topic is available HERE


This is super exciting
All the best to all the participates. :smiley: :call_me_hand:t3:


can we submit an SDD(Solution Design Document) instead of PDD?


Hello @dianamorgan,

Would it be possible for you to reveal how may submissions you recieved for 3rd category - UiPath Assistant + Custom Activities ?

We built a Custom Activity Pack (Set of 16 Activities). But, we couldn’t get the UiPath Assistant Widget working :frowning:

Thanks & Regards,