Missing Activites in Studio

I went to create a new automation today and I noticed that I can no longer find the “Open Browser” activites and also the “Attach Window” activities.
Here is a screen shot of one of my old automations dependencies:
OLD Uifile

Here is a screenshot of the new automation’s dependencies:
New UIFile

I noticed that I can now see an activity called “Attach Application/Browser” Also my “Click” activity now looks much different than what it did on the old automation. I tried reinstalling the dependancies to the Old file’s versions but no luck.

Took a look at Studio X and it has the “Attach Application/Browser”. So maybe my Studio application is picking up Studio X packages? Going to try a reinstall tomorrow to see if that clears the issue.

Hello @ckaminsky,

In the activities Panel, you need to select also the Clasic activities.

I hope it helps.



That was the fix, really weird that is an option. Thank you very much!

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