Browser activities not available in UI Automation package in studio / pro

Hey. Can anyone help me out in finding how to bring back ‘open browser’, ‘close browser’ and browser-related activities? I have installed UI Automation 20.10.6 version and my Studio version is 2020.10.2. Even after uninstalling the application and the package, I am still not getting it. Please help me out.

Please look in this matter

Hello @srushti_apandkar

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I checked my Studio and I’m using 20.10.2 version of Studio and 20.10.06 version of Ui Automation activities.
I see all the activities in the browser section.
Can you fully uninstall the Studio and install again and upgrade the UI Automation activities to the latest version and see whether it works for you?

Hi sir. Thankyou for replying. I had done that already. I reinstalled it twice, still I’m unable to get it. Is there any other solution?

Hi @srushti_apandkar

Can you show me the dependency in your dependency manager…
I wanna know how it is shown there

Hi @srushti_apandkar

I believe you are using the modern behaviour. The quickest way to “get it back” would be to flip this setting to OFF:

If you want to try the modern experience, the activity you are looking for is this one: