Cant find " Attach Window " activity with search

I am developing a project which uses “Attach Window” activity from UiPath.Core.Activities.WindowScope.

When i try to search for the activity, i cant find it:

I am using Studio 2021.10.4 with Enterprise License.

Anybody know why this is? Bot works fine, and copy paste works aswell.
Was this activity renamed?


As you are using new version of studio, so by default you can able to see the modern activities

Attach Window is a Classic activity, to view that you can check below

Hope this helps you


Thank you very much for the fast reply!
That was the solution :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

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To add to what @Srini84 said above - please try out the new modern experience as well. It works really nicely :slight_smile:

Is there any document on what are the equivalent activities to the classic ones?