How to handle IE to Chromium migration?

What all things needs to be taken care while planning for a migration project from IE to Chromium? Do i need Chromium extension to be installed in end user machines?

UiPath current studio version : 2019.4.2


Check below post for your reference

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Thanks @Srini84 . I’ll have a look into this


You have to take care of following things:

  1. UiPath extension must be installed in chrome on what ever machine BOT is running.
  2. Some selectors are specific to browser, you have to configure your BOT accordingly as per the requirement.

Rest, i think shifting browser would not be a big issue.

Sahil Garg


Adding to @Sahil_Garg1 list:

  1. Modify OpenBrowser activities BrowserType property from IE to Chrome
  2. Update all the selectors with <html app=‘chrome.exe’ …
  3. All the selectors starting with “<wnd …” will have to be regenerated from Studio, as Chrome renders differently, these types of windows
  4. Test, test, test


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Hi @gheorghestan .

Maybe i’m not getting this right here.
I’m currently using IE and Robot(v19.4.2), UiAutomation activity(v19.11.0) for Attended UiPath solution. If i need to migrate this project to Edge Chromium, Please clarify,

  1. Do i need UiPath extension to be installed in end user machines for existing code post migration to Edge chromium? or Upgrading the Robot/studio will work here?if so which version?
  2. UIAutomation 20.10.+ to be upgraded in the project ?or with the current version, is there any way?
  3. Do we need to install UiPath extension in Edge chromium installed in end user machines for latest UiPath versions?