Migrating Legacy Activities to Windows

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We conduct regular content reviews at UiPath Marketplace to uphold user experience and trust by ensuring the listings meet the necessary standards and provide value to users.

As you might already be aware, legacy .NET Framework 4.6.1 is no longer supported by Microsoft, hence, we encourage all of you to finalize migrating your legacy activities to Windows and keep the content updated with latest product releases. This way you can ensure that the automations that you have developed will continue to be downloaded and used.

  • Migrate your activities to Windows
    Please have a look at the following 2 cases and depending upon whichever case your activity fits into, please follow the following steps to successfully migrate your activity:

    • Case-1: If your Activity was created using Visual Studio, please refer to this link for migration.
    • Case-2: If your Activity was created using the Windows-Legacy version of UiPath Studio, please convert it to Windows using Studio’s built-in conversion tool. You can right-click the project node in the Project panel in UiPath Studio and then select Convert to Windows. More details are provided here.
  • Make sure your activities are compatible with the latest version of UiPath Studio and mention the updated compatibility on the listing page.

  • Make sure that the added documentation is up-to-date.

Once done, please resubmit the updated NuGet and content for review on Marketplace.

Note: Metadata changes to the NuGet can be performed using NuGet Package Explorer.

If you have questions or encounter any difficulties, please drop us a message and we will do our best to help.

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UiPath Marketplace Team


Hello @Anuj_Tiwari ,

During the migration, i made the update to the UiAutomation Package version 22.10.6(which is mentioned under LTS version in activities lifecycle for 2022.10) but now the modern activities, all modern activities are trowing error called “Could not generate view for NApplicationCard”

when i downgrade the uiautomation to 22.10.5 then it works. Please let me know what was the issue there.

ISSUE Screenshot :


Lifecycle Overview :

I think so its a glitch, it happened to me as well , for now what you do is close that xaml file inside UiPath and reopen it again you can see the activities there @Krishna_547


I cant update my packages after migration, below error screenshot for reference, any help would be appreciated:


@prateek.mehandiratta9 Some users reported that this issue was resolved by using UiPath Studio 22.10.01