MicroSoftOffice 365 | Find files and folder

We are Facing an issue with MicroSoftOffice 365 activity - Find files and folder.

Somehow it’s not able to find the root level folder and in the first result getting a null value.
If pass the root folder value to the subfolder and search the subfolder folder then it’s working.

Please let us know if any updates in Microsoft Office 365 activity or any issue.

Hi Aarti_Godhasara,

Please, check this thread.

Hope helps you!


May I know why you want the root level folder?..generally root level is the document library and find files cannot find it…

One way to access it is to find the first subfolder and then get the parent


I had the same kind of headache the last time. Somehow, Office 365 could not find the root level folders; it was returning null for each search result. Argh!
I decided to finally do some digging to find a solution to the problem, and that is when I came across cloud-to-cloud backup. Check them out at I mean, if the built-in Microsoft option was failing me, then perhaps there was another way to keep my files safe and available.
I looked around and came up with Loop Backup. It looked quite reassuring, maybe it could be a probable hit.