Typing any Query in Office365 "Find Files and Folders" returns an error

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the “Find Files and Folders” activity in Office365 scope where if I leave the “Query” field empty it works fine, but as soon as I type anything in the field, it will return the following error :

Find Files And Folders: Code: accessDenied
Message: Access denied
Inner error:
date: 12/29/2020 12:53:09
request-id: xxxx
client-request-id: xxxx
ClientRequestId: xxxx

My Azure Applications autorisations are setup correctly, I can make classic API calls but this doesn’t seem to work.

Any idea why ? Is there a particular syntax to use in the Query field ?


Got a solution from UiPath support :

Do not use Query field on the root of the Sharepoint drive. Instead, make sure the “Subfolder” field is refering to an existing folder, then you can use the Query field without returning an error.

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