Microsoft Word: changing focus with mouse click not working

Hello. I am using UiPath Studio 2018.2.1. I have a Microsoft Word document containing a table with some of its cells filled in and other cells being blank. I can open this Word document using ‘Word Application Scope’ activity and write to it using the ‘Type Into’ activity successfully. When I try to change focus to a specific cell by using the ‘Click’ activity and then running the automation, ‘Type Into’ always writes the text to another cell, and not the one I selected using the ‘Click’ activity. Is there a way to write the text to a specific cell in Word?

Am also facing the similar issue.

When I am using “Click” option to go to a text box where I wanted to enter the needed info, it is not taking it and the control was there in other text box only.

I tried to use Set Focus activity also to set focus to the text field needed. But it is giving Selector not found issues.
Can you please let me know If you find a solution for this.

I will notify here in the same place if I found a solution for this.

Keep trying…

Thanks & Regards,