Microsoft Vision Read Handwritten Text

I am trying to test some of the capabilities of reading handwritten text using the Microsoft Computer Vision Read Handwritten Text activity. I had it working a week ago, but all of a sudden I am getting the error “ERROR Cannot provide both ImagePath and ImageURL at the same time.” You can see in the screenshot below I only have one of fields filled out.

My best guess is that something got updated because it was working for me before. I have tried to play around with the package versions and even completely redoing my workout with no luck. If it was updated I cannot find any documentation anywhere.

Why don’t you try downgrading the package version and confirm if it is due to the updates? @sheerink19

Hey @sheerink19

Also try reconfiguring the activity just to see whether it works. Remove the activity from the workflow and add it again and configure… Just give it a try and see… If not, try downgrading the activity pack just like @HareeshMR mentioned :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the response, but yes I’ve already tried that with no luck

Hey thanks for the responses but I have tried both those things and neither has worked for me

Can you try the same creating new project @sheerink19?

I got same error after several try.

Take backup of your code and do this at your own risk. One small typo in the xaml may corrupt the whole module.


  1. Close the module in studio
  2. Open the .xaml file with notepad,
  3. Go to the Read Handwritten Text step and manually remove the attribute ImageURL=“{x:NULL}”.
  4. Reopen the Module in Studio.

let me know if it works.