Microsoft Outlook Random Issue: The specified folder does not exist issue


I am facing 1 random exception while reading mails from particular outlook folder, Sometimes it is working fine and sometime it is throwing an exception as “Specified folder does not exists”

I went through a few topics in the forum and tried those steps like emptying the account field, activity install/uninstall, added delay etc,and still facing the same issue randombly.

Please suggest if there are any other changes to be made to my flow

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Welcome to uipath communty
before we access the file
kindly use Path exists activity and check whether the file exists or not or the folder exists or not
–the output will be a boolean variable and name it out_boolean for that activity and we can use a if condition and validate that like
out_boolean = True
if true then we can access that folder or file in THEN part or
it will go to ELSE part where we can use a delay option and then we can access

Cheers @vikram


Thank you for reply
My folder(“Inbox”) is already available in my outlook

oh sorry
i thought you were asking for desktop folders
As you say sometimes it works fine, we need to check with the property of onlyunreadmessage is enabled or not and if its enabled we need to make sure that we need to have one mail in unread stage
Kindly check that once
Cheers @vikram