Intermittent "The specified folder does not exist" Errors

I’ve seen several posts here regarding the error “The specified folder does not exist at Source: Get Outlook Mail Messages” when using the Outlook Mail Messages activity. However, these all seem to discuss an all or nothing proposition.

In my case, I have a process set up to check the ‘Inbox’ hourly to see if job triggering emails have arrived. In a 24 hour period, this might fail with the above error 10-12 times. The rest of the time, it works as expected. It does not matter what actual robot machine the process runs on, the behavior is the same.

Sometimes, I can reproduce the error by running the process manually, but if I immediately run the process again (with no changes), it will run successfully.

I’ve currently put the activity in a retry scope to mitigate the issue somewhat.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

How you filtering with your specified mail,
is it through the subject line or by mail id?

There’s no filter. I’m checking for any messages in the Inbox.