Common issue while reading mails :- Outlook "The specified folder does not exist issue"

Hi guys,

Need Help on Common issue while reading mails…

I just created simple workflow to save attachements from mail

Mail properties:

while running workflow Getting ans error “The specified folder does not exist issue”
outlook is opened. still it is not working.

note :- tried open outlook as “Run an administrator” and get below error.

is this is version issue ??

Studio - 2019.4.4
outlook - image

Please suggest…


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This is something related to outlook issue I guess
Kindly check once with your admin team and reinstall the outlook and try once
Your uipath workflow looks perfectly fine

And For the error

Remove the account property in the property panel and try once

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @prashantP

by removing account property getting same error.

could you please suggest which outlook version should I install ?

I will check with admin and will update. till then can i use POP3 for business email ??

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If it’s a gmail then we can POP3
Of if it’s a outlook then we can use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY

Cheers @prashantP

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could you please suggest which outlook version should I install ?

I am using business mail like

does "GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY " will work ??

Latest version would be fine buddy
And still GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY depends on the outlook
Kindly check with you admin team and pls try further with either of this activity

cheers @prashantP


End task outlook from task manager and then try again.

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hey hi @Sreelatha278

thanks for the help…

actually it works :+1:

but getting below popup to continue

is there any way to skip this ??

Also when i am trying to filter with specifi email id getting below error

is there any other way ??


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Even If we do manually we will get this type of popup can click allow and select the value from the drop down manually

Share the filter condition used in the get outlook mail messages activity

Thanks @Sreelatha278

so let’s say we can not hide popup. Right ?

for filter i have just pass email id to download only specific user.

but actually now i am using subject to download but if you solve this one will be better for learn.

also can you please explain why need to close from task manager ? do i need to do this every day ?

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no buddy we can handle this popup, we were facing similar issue when we were using get outlook mail activity

To avoid this sort of error we can use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY
kindly try with that activity and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @prashantP

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getting below error

Please correct me


try with this condition to filter from address
“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:fromemail”" like ‘’"

to disable that popup have a look on below links

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