Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint connector


I want to create a new folder in SharePoint from UiPath Apps. I have tried to use the rule “Create a new folder or driveitem” from Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint connection, but every time it was a bad/invalid request. I do not know what should I type into the request fields. I could not find any documentation for this.

Can someone please help with this?


@daia.prisecaru ,

Please try as below screen shot and see if you are able to create a folder.


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Yes, this works but it creates the folder in the root folder, meaning in my personal OneDrive.
I want to create a subfolder in a shared folder from a team.

I have checked with the integrations team and at the moment it’s not possible to create folders in a shared folder. Only in personal OneDrive.

@daia.prisecaru ,

Yea i do agree.

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