Microsoft O365 Only Selects The Top 50 Files - Oldest First

I already opened a Service Ticket with UiPath, so this is more of an fyi for people.

I was trying to use the new Sharepoint activities to read an Excel, I noticed I was getting weird results and could only see a limited number of files in the list of files I could select in the activity in Studio.

I investigated further and found that all that seem to be shared with me after about Dec 8th were missing.

So, I dive further, sniff the network traffic and see the API calls Studio is making, via the Integration Service, to Sharepoint and this is the request that returns all the files.

For anyone who cannot easily read the odata filters in the request, its grabbing all the files shared with me, its ordering them by DateLastModified in chronological order (meaning oldest files first) and limiting the result to 50 items…


Fun stuff, means I cannot select the file I want. Gonna see if I can work around this by messing with the XAML so I can bypass the selection stuff and see if it still works. Wish me luck!!

Good news, by sheer stubborness and abit of luck I can bypass this and get the file that I need. Its a royal pain to do, especially since I need to get the drive Item ID which is not easy in the ‘Shared With me’ folder since the UiPath activity is broken there too, but I can do it!! I’ll try to post a guide at some point, but its has quite some technical steps so it will take some time.