Cannot browse sharepoint folders in O365 activities, but can browse in Integration Service Triggers

I cannot browse to SharePoint sites when using the O365 activities in Studio Desktop, it says “no results found”

I have OneDrive & SharePoint connections set up in Orchestrator. They say Connected.

If I add a Trigger from the Integration Service screen for File Created, I can browse and see all my SharePoint sites.

In Studio Desktop, if I add any SharePoint activities, I can also browse and see all my SharePoint sites.

However, in Studio Desktop and Web, if I add any OneDrive activities, like Upload Files, or File Created Trigger, or even Create Workbook, I cannot browse to any of my SharePoint sites.

For Upload Files, I can work around this by typing in the URL. But for File Created Trigger, there doesn’t seem to be any workaround, I have to use the browse folder picker.

Why would I be able to see my SharePoint sites in some activities, but not others? Is there any workaround that will allow me to use File Created Trigger for SharePoint sites in Studio Desktop or Web?