Microsoft Flow (component of Office 365)

I’m interested in using Microsoft Flow to perform activities in a proprietary web application that our office uses. The proprietary web app doesn’t provide APIs or any integration. I’m thinking I could use UiPath as the middleman. I can get UiPath to perform basic activities in the web app. I’m having a harder time linking UiPath and Microsoft Flow. Has anyone been working in this area or have any other insight to share?


Interesting case, I wonder what kind of problem(s) do you have? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m also thinking about developing UiPath/Office365 in such scenario. If not a problem @Scott_Lee please let us discuss in PM. Thanks

Have you tried using the UIPath orchestrator swagger descriptors as a custom connector in MS flow and then invoking UIPath that way

Hi! Has anything developed from this?

Hello Scott,
Here you have a playlist with 6 videos all working with Power Automate and UiPath.

Cristian Negulescu