Connect Microsoft Flow with UiPath

I was wondering, if there is a possibility, to connect a UiPath Robot to MS Flow.
e.g. Whenever I get a new email, add a new item to a document library in sharepoint and then start the Robot.
Is this possible?


That should be possible. The first two steps - email trigger and add to SharePoint is possible through flow itself. Then you can invoke the orchestrator REST API to invoke the robot’s execution (if you are using Orchestrator in your UiPath scheduler). If you have standalone attended robots, we may need to check the robot APIs, I am not sure if they are supported anymore.

Hi Clemens,

Did you manage to create the link between the MS Flow and the Orch API?



In UiPath they recently released a connector between UiPath and MS Flow. Here is the link

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Hi svillalobos,
Do you know what happened to the connector? your link seems to lead to a dead end…

Hi @RockSolid here is the link,
If the link doesnt work. Go to “Uipath Go” and search for " Microsoft Flow Connector". It should be the first result that comes up.


Any expericences about this topic. Is everything working?

I havent been able to use it still. I’m having problems reaching the orchestrador which is with in the companies network


This connector is the integration of Microsoft flow with the Cloud platform. What is the problem you are facing?

Our orchestrator instance is on prem and it not accesible from outside to the companies network. We are evaluating switching the UiPath cloud solution.

Any news on this topic?

I found this yesterday and tryed it but with no much success. I get the 403 error even do if i use postman it works.

If someone manages to make it work i would appreciate it if you contact me :smiley:

Good luck!